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January 17, 2018

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Scrip is a fund raiser for the school that helps subsidize the difference between the actual cost and the tuition paid. Merchants provide the school paper ‘Scrip’ and pay the school a varying percentage return when parents use it on purchases in their stores. Additionally, some merchants keep track of purchases and profits through the ‘club card’ or Escrip programs. Rebate percentages vary by merchant. See our scrip form for the rates of paper scrip vendors and the web sites for the club card or Escrip programs.

· Each family has a Scrip profit obligation of $400.00.
· Families have from May 1, through April 30, of the next year to meet their obligation.
· The obligation is measured by the profit received from paper Scrip, or in the case of paperless merchants, when the school receives notification from the merchant of the purchases – please note that in these cases, merchants are sometimes 1-3 months late in reporting to the school
· Families not making their obligation by April 30, must make up the difference up to $400.
· If a family chooses not to purchase any Scrip, they may opt out at a fee of $500.00.

Families who have exceeded their obligation by re-registration time may use 50% of the overage toward registration fees. The balance will carry over into the next month. If families exceed their obligation at the end of April, they may use 50% of it toward May tuition. The balance at that time will simply go to the school, as the Scrip year is over at that time.

Paper scrip is available for sale in the school office during normal school hours and after all Sunday Masses from 8:00-12:00pm. Additionally, Scrip is available for sale during the summer as noted in the calendar.

Families scrip totals will be updated quarterly on School Speak and will receive a final billing statement in May.  You can contact the Scrip Coordinator anytime with questions regarding your account.  You may also contact our Coordinator with special order questions.

Lucky Reward cards may be picked up in the school office. No activation is required, but you must turn in your receipts to the school office at the end of each month for credit.

Raley’s and Nob Hill loyalty cards may be picked up at the registers at these stores. They must be activated online and linked to our school. Once this is done, please email the school site coordinator with your ID number.

eScrip Online Mall – Shop for just about anything from the comfort and convenience of home while earning money toward your scrip obligation. Group ID: 137105831

ShopwithScrip – Buy scrip here and have it downloaded to your home computer or reload cards you already have. You will continue to receive rebates using this option. Now you  may also link your smart phone to (My Scrip Wallet) and download scrip before you get to the check out counter! Finally!  School ID: E11F627C9L85 is a great new app that you may add to your phone.  Here you may buy, manage and redeem your digital gift cards instantly.  There are over 80 Participating retailers like Target, Amazon and Whole Foods.  It’s super easy!

How do I participate?

  1. Download the Benefit mobile app from the iTunes store or Google play Store
  2. Search for our school
  3. Shop at any of the participating retailers and use the app at check out.
  4. Use credit cards or do an automatic checking account deduction for purchases.*** Please note that if you use your credit card as means of payment, your contribution will be less than if you pay by checking account deduction.
  1. The school will receive a monthly report on your contributions